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how to load and render a POWERVR POD file on iOS and Android



I plan to draw a 3D floor/building plan in 3ds Max and export it into a POWERVR POD file. Are there any examples available which envisions how to read the POD file and how to render it with OpenGL.? I don’t want to use any SDK - just plain C++, Java etc. and the POD file.



Hi Werner,

The IntroducingPOD Example in our PowerVR Graphics SDK demonstrates how to load POD files, textures and shaders into a C++ application for rendering in OpenGL ES. The Example uses our PVRShell OS abstraction layer and PVRTools resource loading framework. the source code of our PVRShell and PVRTools framework are provided in the SDK, so you can use the code as-is, heavily modify it or just use it as a starting point for writing your own code from scratch.

It’s worth noting that the IntroducingPOD Example is not designed to load and render arbitrary POD files. Customizations may be required to utilise additional data that may be contained in your POD files (for example, more than one set of texture coordinates).

Hope this helps,