How to use overlay transparent layer by Using DRM with GLES on PowerVR SGX544MP2


I am trying to draw using multiple layers using GLES and DRM.

I am able to simply drawn with GLES for multiple layers.

However, transparent color of the upper layers is not reflected.

A result of the investigation, it was found to be that allows the setting of alpha values for the layer in ‘drmModeObjectSetProperty’.

But I don’t know is should I pass what the argument for setting the alpha value (Object Type, Object ID, Property ID) .

Could you advice me?

Thank you.


Hi ginjoe,

I’m not familiar with the DRM framework you are referring to.

I would recommend using our PVRTrace OpenGL ES capture and analysis tool to verify that you are correctly setting the blend mode & associated functions. If your application isn’t setting blend modes correctly, then there may be a bug in the logic of your application or the framework you are using.



Hi Joe.

Thank you for your answer.

That tool is great !!

But My question is very elementary question.

I have not been able to yet use even API for setting…

However I was worth having asked you a question just to have been able to know this tool !!

thank you.


Hi ginjoe,

If you’re new to OpenGL ES and want to know more about setting blend modes, I would recommend referring to the source code of our SDK’s AlphaBlend Example.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.