glColor4u bug



I use the OpenGL ES emulator (Imagination TechnologiesPowerVR SDKOGLES-1.1_WIN_2.03.23.1162).

I found a bug in the glColor4ub function with the alpha value, any value != 0 is maximal value (so there is no transparency).

I have a workaround, I used the glColor4x function instead, but I would like to know if that bug is / will be corrected in next versions?





I tried also with OGLES-1.1_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.04.24.0811 and got the same bug…

Thanks for reporting this bug. This will be fixed in the next release, please continue to use the glColor4[x|f] workaround till then. (Bug reference: BRN26947)Xmas2009-04-02 14:15:50

Just in case. . .

Issuing the following:


   glColor4ub( 1, 0, 0, x )


will set the color to fully RED.