I can not gpu profiler

Hi, tell me please, I have meizu mx 5. PVRTune does not see the GPU, PVRmonitor says that PVRScope does not exist, how can I install it anywhere where I did not find the instructions, tell me what to do? I have read the instructions for several days. I attach the screenshots that PVRMonitor shows:

Sorry for my English.


I managed to reproduce your issue on a Meizu MX4 (same GPU, PowerV G6200).
I managed to get PVRMonitor working by using the 17.2 release. It looked like to me that the system does contain PVRScopeServices (which PVRMonitor needs), so PVRTune should be working as well, however I didn’t get any info whatsoever (neither 17.2 nor 18.1 works). I believe you should get a device that has newer driver, because this platform has 1.4 driver which is very old.
Please have a look at the devices that have PowerVR in them released this year:


Very sorry. thank you very much for the answer