IMGSRV: HardwareTextureUpload failed


I’m having this error while trying to create a framebuffer object on Motorola Milestone (Android 2.0) using OpenGL ES 2.0:

E/IMGSRV  ( 2578): texdata.c:851: HardwareTextureUpload: Failed to load texture image (error=6)

I’m using glCheckFramebufferStatus, but it does not return an error. I only have this line in the Android log.

My window surface is 32bpp for color and 16bpp for depth, and the framebuffer objects that fail to create have a NPOT 32bpp color buffer and a 16bpp depth buffer (so same configuration than the window).

Would it be possible to know what this error means ?

For info, the same code is working well on iPhone 3GS (so a similar GPU), HTC Nexus One (Android 2.0) and nVidia Tegra 250 board (Android 2.0). I’m facing similar problems on Palm Pre, but I’m focusing on Android for now.



Apart from the log message, what is the actual incorrect behaviour you are seeing?

Hi Georg,

Thank you for answering. I use FBOs to perform post rendering effects such as Bloom, and when this message appears (one message per FBO I try to create) the effects are not showing. That said I have other problems with the SGX chipsets and OpenGL ES 2.0, perhaps the lack of post rendering effect is not due to that message. Anyway I would like to know if there are restrictions using FBOs on the SGX platform with your drivers (the same code works on Adreno, Tegra, and iPhone 3GS).

Thanks Smile