inout in glsl

Dear Team

i dont know how to translate the inout keywork in glsl (glsl_version : 130) to gles 2.0

int bsdf_check_type_2_9830(

inout State state,

vec3 msl_n_g,

vec3 msl_fixed_dir,

vec3 msl_sampled_dir,

int msl_allowed)




struct State {

vec4 tex_coord[4];

vec3 tangent_u[1];

vec3 tangent_v[1];

vec3 geometry_tangent_u[1];

vec3 geometry_tangent_v[1];

vec3 tex_du[4];

vec3 tex_dv[4];

vec3 position;

vec3 origin;

vec3 normal;

vec3 geom_normal;

vec3 motion;

vec2 raster;

vec3 direction;

float ray_length;

mat3 tangent_space[1];

float importance;

vec4 volume_input;

vec3 light_position;

vec3 light_direction;

vec3 light_to_surface;

float light_distance;

float light_dotnl;

float light_area;

int light_type;

float light_spread;

float light_spread_cos;

float light_distance_limit;


i see it as a varying but i am not sure ., do you a kind reference card for mapping ?

kind regards


Hi David,

inout is a valid GLSL ES 100 (ES 2.0) keyword. Are you experiencing issues trying to use it?


I had compilation error , it s now solve.thanks