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Is it possible to run PVRTune on Kindle Fire (1st gen)?



I’m using SDK 3.2. My first attempt (on Windows 7) has been unsuccessful. PVRHub does run on the device, and I can start the PVRPerfServer, but when launching PVRPerfServerDevoper, it errors with “failed to initialise services connection (driver support not found).” I did run “adb forward tcp:6520 tcp:6520” prior to this, and in general I AM able to run adb commands to the device from the Windows command prompt. Is this a known limitation? Any advice before I spend much more time investigating?



The “failed to initialise services connection (driver support not found).” error means that the interface PVRPerfServer uses to access performance data from the graphics driver is unavailable. We’ve had PVRPerfServer working on first gen Kindle’s before though. Are you running a stock image on the device, or is it a custom ROM?




Stock image, AFAIK. System version in the About screen s 8.4.6_user_4620220, if that helps. Another data point is that in the PVRHub screen, the Setup and API Tracing options are grayed out. Only the Profiling options are enabled.


I should also point out that I’m trying this on Windows 7. The Kindle Fire driver (Android Composite ADB Interface) is version 1.3.1000.0. (Dec/3//2012) Clicking on “Update Driver…” doesn’t find a newer one.



The greyed out options indicate that PVRHub was unable to gain root access to the file system. This is required for the PVRTrace related functionality.

I’ve not been able to reproduce the issue on our 1st gen Kindle Fire. It’s system version is also 6.3.2_user_4110520. The graphics driver version is Here are the steps I took:

  1. Install PVRHub from our 3.2 SDK
  2. Run “adb forward tcp:6520 tcp:6520”
  3. In PVRHub, use the “Profile an application…” option to launch the app I want to profile
  4. Run the PVRTuneDeveloper binary from our 3.2 SDK
  5. Enter “localhost” in the “Connect to:” text block. Click "Go"




Finally got back to this—OK, it’s working per your steps, I think in my previous attempt I had launched the wrong application (PVRPerfServerDeveloper.exe from the PVRPerfServer folder instead of PVRTuneDeveloperGUI in the GUI folder.)