-legacypvr not working on PVRTexToolCL.exe, works on GUI

When I run PVRTexToolCL.exe with the -legacypvr flag, I still get a PVR 3 data format (first 3 chars in the file are ‘PVR’, instead of the header size like in PVR 2). Processing the exact same image from the GUI (Save as legacy option) correctly outputs PVR2 data.

Does the GUI use the command line tool internally? Is there a way to do from the command line what the GUI does?

Hi Andreas,

This could be because it’s invoking the wrong command line - if you mix old and new arguments, it will attempt to use the old command line, which unfortunately uses -pvrlegacy, instead of -legacypvr. This means that the argument will be ignored, and you’ll get out a PVR3 file regardless.



Thanks - I couldn’t get -pvrlegacy to work either, but replacing -fPVRTC4 with -f PVRTC1_4 in my command line fixed this.