PVRTexToolCL windows (32 & 64bit) issues

Yesterday I grabbed the latest PVRTexTool (V 3.30). When I tried to run our art build PVRTexToolCL crashed repeatedly and when it didn’t crash the resulting .pvr files are in a different format. PVRTexToolCL was the most unstable while trying to convert .dds files, but I did have it crash on .png files as well. When PVRTexToolCL would crash on a .png file I would repeat the process on the same file and it would work fine, so it isn’t necessarily the input file that is causing it to crash. Our build system is written in python and I am launching PVRTexToolCL using the subprocess module, I wouldn’t think that this should make a difference but I thought I should mention it. Historically I have never been able to run our art build using multiple processes as PVRTexToolCL has always crashed intermittently when multiple instances are run at the same time. These problems have been experienced on multiple machines so it doesn’t appear to be a problem with my machine. Both the 64bit and 32bit versions have the same issues. Other tools such as Nvidia’s nvcompress or AMD’s TheCompressonator have always worked fine. I have included links to two .pvr files, one converted using an older version of PVRTexToolCL (the file format is as expected) and the same output file from the new PVRTexToolCL (different file format).

Here is an example invocation of PVRTexToolCL from our build system code:

        PVRTexTool.exe -pvrtchigh -yflip0 -fPVRTC4 -ifoo.dds -ofoo.pvr

old: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/39900018/old.pvr

new: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/39900018/new.pvr


I’ve replied to your email already, but just in case anyone else reads this topic I’ll give a summary here.

The new PVRTexTool and PVRTexLib output a new file format - PVR v3. This is a new file spec that allows greater flexibility than the old PVR v2 files ever could. There is a file specification available in the full sdk’s documentation folder which describes the format, and a brief description in the PVRTexLib manual. PVRTexTool and PVRTexLib should be updated shortly to include the PVR file specification shortly.

All of the known crashes that used to happen in PVRTexTool have now been taken care of, but I will look into any crashes that you are finding with the latest version if you could send me an example of an image that crashes the application.