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libgles_cm.dll missing extensions



I downloaded the newest version of the SDK and it seems like the libgles_cm.dll is missing some extensions notably the GL_IMG_vertex_program. I can’t run the OGLESChameleonMan anymore. The previous SDK version, OGLES-1.1_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.03.23.1162, worked perfectly fine. Is there something wrong with the new SDK? Frambuffer objects, GL_OES_framebuffer_object, doesn’t seem to be available either.




Recent version of pcviewer supports hardware profiels that should match hardware platforms eg. SGX535 or MBXLITE. So for OGLES you need to edit pc_viewer_es1.cfg that should have been created  in the directory where you have got the pc emulation libraries that are used when you run OGLESChamelonMan. By default for OGLES MBXLITE is the active profile which does not have support for GL_IMG_vertex_program. Change it to SGX535 or SupportAll. Examples of OGLES/OGLES2 configuraiton files and its usage are presented in PVRVFrame manual.

Hope it will help