OGRE3D OpenGLES renderer - gleslayer

The port and initial testing of PowerVR SDK based OpenGLES renderers for OGRE 3D is now complete.


Complete details on this, including the Beagleboard setup, and additionally, PC emulation setup details are available in the project page at,




where can i find details expesialy beagle board setup ?

I was looking for project page andSVN repository. but I can not find.


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yasuhiro mitsui

I found the SVN repo here: https://gforge.ti.com/svn/gleslayer/trunk/Packages 
Username is ‘anonymous’ with a blank password.

Unfortunately I had a hard time getting Win32_Emulation to compile, it would appear that not all interfaces have been fully implemented - but I could wrong here!

It expects this version OGLES-1.1_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.02.22.0756 where as I could only find version OGLES-1.1_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.04.24.0765

I’m still looking at this, hoping to get it working with a 3d hardware accelerated phone.


If you are on OMAP3 and on Linux, you should look at the openembedded build, that already has this running on the platform.


Version of the OGLES1.1 SDK should not matter - are you facing issues compiling even after changing required paths ?

Thanks Prabindh

I’m looking at a Windows mobile device running on a beta WM6.5 so the openembedded build isn’t any help for me.

The build issues I was having were caused by my checking out of Ogre from the trunk and so certain interfaces appeared incomplete also there were issues with NEDMemory manager.

Checking out from a stable tag fixed those issues - sorry for implying an incorrect checkin.

I was still unable to test any of the demos caused by the lack of media / vertex shader support, Can I ask what you had to do to get PlayPen working?

Thanks for your reply Prabindh.