LinuxPC can't be used in issolation

On the PC emulation libraries, the EGL library has undefined references which are only defined in However, does not seem to be listed in libEGL's run-time library dependencies. This is normally fine as applications usually link against both EGL and GLESv2 and EGL's missing dependencies can be satisfied. However, config tests (like those in Qt) will generally check for libraries like EGL in isolation. Such tests must modified to explicitly link against libGLESv2 rather than simply link against EGL. This is easy enough to do, but can get tiresome.

Note: This is also true of - It too has undefined symbols which are only exported in while is not listed as a dependency.

TomCooksey2009-12-09 21:49:54


I'm sorry for a delay in responsing.

Thanks for your notice. It is will be fixed in forthcoming release ( 2.6) that will be published around beggining of march.