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OpenGL ES 2.0 on Emulation on Windows


Hello everyone,

I am rather new to the OpenGL ES 2.0 domain. I have some working code that was based on OpenGL ES 1.1 and EGL on Windows. I had written my own implementation of EGL and the GL ES 1.1 was emulated using wgl. Now I want to shift that code to GL ES 2.0. I was considering using latest PowerVR SDK for GL ES 2.0 for Windows. That SDK comes with two separate libraries: an EGL library accompanied with GLESv2 library. Is it possible for me to use the GLESv2 library alone and use my existing implementation of EGL. Can this combination work? Is there inter-dependency between the two libraries provided with the SDK.

Secondly, if the above mentioned scenario is possible and I use GLESv2 library from SDK and my own implementation of EGL, what restrictions do apply regarding distribution of my code with these libraries from PowerVR?

- J R Shah   


I think Carlos has answered you by email, but I’ll repeat his answer here:

Sadly, your EGL library will not work because some communication between the EGL and GLES libraries is required in the current architecture. We want to ease this restriction in the future but for the moment this is not possible.

There is no restriction regarding the distribution of our libraries for commercial or non-commercial purposes. We only ask for some acknowledgement in the credits :slight_smile: