Maya GeoPOD exporter issues.


We’ve been experimenting a bit with animations and bones the last couple of days, and we’ve run into a few problems.

When I try to export an object with simple keyframe-animation (let’s say I wanna spin a fan, so i only animate the rotateZ value), the mesh seemingly skrinks into nothing
within the first frame of the animation UNLESS I also animate every single attribute (tranlate,rotate,scale XYZ).

What’s even more strange, is that this error seems to remain if any of these values remain constant. In other words, even if I only want to animate a single attribute, I need to animate all other attributes from for example 0 to 0.001, or 34.500 to 34.501

We’re also having trouble exporting meshes using bone animations. The scene has one mesh, skinned to 7 bones. “Export controllers”,“Matrices” and “Skin modifiers” are checked. “Max simultaneuos matrices” set to 8.

However, the .pod doesn’t work.
When we use the GetBoneWorldMatrix we get an error saying that the matrix has no inverse, and *pfAnimTranslation, *pfAnimRotation and *pfAnimScale seems to be null.

We’ve tried other example .pod files (the mallet and the Cameleon Man) and they seem to work.

The maya scene and pod have been sent to your devtech-email.





Thanks for reporting this.


Rickard wrote:
and *pfAnimTranslation, *pfAnimRotation and *pfAnimScale seems to be null.


When exporting with matrices this is correct behaviour as the animation data is stored in pfAnimMatrix. I'll take a look at the other problems you have seen as soon as I can.