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Multiple contexts


Does EGL multiple context rendering works with the ogl es 2.0 emulator?

Anybody care to share a sample?

I’ve been trying to get some shared vbo rendering in 2 windows for days now. And the best I could achieve is one window displaying my mesh, and the other just a cleared screen (which means simple opengl commands at least work).

If I create all my shaders, vbos and index buffers in one context, and try to render them in the second context (considering that the second one shares all objects with the first through the eglCreateContext’s 3rd argument) nothing renders, but I get no errors or crashes either.

And even if I duplicate all my meshes, the draw calls on my first context crash, even if I don’t render anything on the second one!

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!



Hi Rush,

It is true that the emulator doesn’t support multiple contexts properly at this moment. We know about this problem and the libraries are currently being refactored to support them. Hopefully they will get to see the light of day in our next release.



Thanks for your reply Peter.

Any estimate of when will be the next release of the emulator?



It should come out together with the rest of the SDK at the end of August.