Number of registers available in 1 ALU of the GE8430

What is the number of registers available in 1 ALU ? (GE8430)


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The exact number of registers available to an ALU can differ depending on the situation.

The GE8430 is based on Imagination’s Rogue architecture. In the Rogue Core and in the Unified Shading Cluster (USC) there are two types of register banks, the Unified Store (for local/temp variables) and the Common Store (for data that is coherent across threads).

The Unified Store is comprised of 4 separate register banks (each allocated to 4 ALU pipes) that each have 1280 128-bit registers. These can be shared equally across the 4 ALUs in the USC.

More information can be found in the PVR Compute Recommendations here: PowerVR Compute Development Recommendations.pdf (

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