Number of compute units on BXM-4-64

Using OpenCL (driver: I see that for BXM-4-64 the number of compute units is 1.

As determined by clGetDeviceInfo on the CL_DEVICE_MAX_COMPUTE_UNITS parameter.

Is this number correct? Does it really have only 1 unit?

Hardware: TH1520 SoC on Sipeed-PI4A.

Hi bram,

Thank you for your message.
Let me confirm the configuration from the spec documents and also with the right department and get back to you.

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Hi Bram,

Yes. What you are seeing is right. In PowerVR terminology we refer compute units as USC (Unified Shading Clusters ) and BXM - 4 - 64 has 1 USC.

Kindly let us know in case you require any further clarification.

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Perhaps it’s the β€œ64” that Bram is interested in?