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Optimized triangle list


Is there any information how to prepare the vertices data so they would be optimized ? We have here custom toolchain and we would like to implement this feature.




We have functions to optimise triangle lists in our SDK (which you can download from POWERVR insider). Look in PowerVRSDKToolsPVRTTriStrip.cpp and PowerVRSDKToolsPVRTGeometry.cpp






Thank you, however, i have a problem using PVRTTriStripList( ); the function seems to hang in a loop for ever into the stripping process  (void CStrip::StripFromEdges())


when i use one of our model, the model is 92 triangles (276 indices unsigned short), i have checked that there is no dead triangle with 2 or 3 points with the same index, everything looks any idea how we could fix it ?


If you want to experiment yourself, i can forward you the list of indices in small binary data (552 bytes).


Maybe an hint, it seems to loop for ever, if we have a triangle A,B,C along with a triangle B,A,C into the list…




This sounds like a bug we have not seen before. We'll try to replicate it.

I'll let you know if we find the problem.

Can you workaround this problem or you require the fix?








We cannot reproduce the problem as you describe it. Could you send an example that goes wrong to