Vertex strip for SDK demos

It seems that the vertex array of SDK demos aren’t stripped, so during every frame the vertex array will be stripped again and again, it affects the performance of OpenGL demo heavily.

My question is:
Q1. Can the indexed triangles data be stripped during loading pod file? If so, it only needs to strip vertex array only one time, it would reduce CPU load.

Q2. If it is feasible to strip vertex first, how to do so? are there any tools which support this optimization?

Any comments or suggestion are appreciated!

The vertices for our SDK demos should be indexed triangle lists in strip order as this is the most optimal solution for our hardware (certainly for SGX) and fits with our own recommendations.

There may be a few cases where raw triangle strips are better, in which case exporting using the triangle strips option in PVRGeoPOD or ColladaPOD is an option, but on the whole you should stick with indexed triangle lists in strip order (choose indexed triangle lists and look at the optimize dropdown in our exporters).

Gordon2009-07-03 18:17:15