PDS programming?

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We are in developing driver for SGX535, I have a documentation “Eurasia.3D Input Parameter Format.1.3.37a.SGX535 1.2.External.pdf”, inside which I can get some information about PDS programming. But I still donot fully understand in how to set 2 data stores: DS0/DS1.


For our example code, it seems:

  DS0[0]/[1]: for DOUTD of data address;

  DS0[2]/[3]: for USSE code;


There is a description in my document: "The PDS contains a small micro programmable core using a 32bit instruction set. It consists of 2 constant data stores which are preloaded with data at the start of execution, and 2 sets of temporary stores for intermediate results."


Why PDS prgram begins with these constant? I am new in SGX deleopment, can somebody provide me more information in how to use constant data stores? Any helpful response/document will be appreciated.