Performance issue in iOS 10, SDK 3.5


I have an app that has been working great in iOS. I recently updated to iOS 10 and noticed that the frame rates were significantly lower. After some profiling, I discovered that the performance only suffers on newer iOS hardware - iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 (from 2014) still run great in iOS 10, but iPhone 6S and iPad Pro (from 2015) have the performance issues. Performance is great in iOS 9 for all devices. I also tracked the time differences down to where I call glDrawElements. After some digging, I believe that what is happening is the driver is falling back to software vertex submission, killing the performance. The code I’m using is based on the skinning example in the sdk, using .pod format for the models.

Has anybody come across this issue or have an idea how it could be fixed?


P.S. I’m a big fan of the SDK, can’t wait until I can get the time to update to the new version with Vulkan.

Well, I just profiled the skinning example, and it is not displaying the behavior that my app is. So, I must have something else in my app causing the issue. Please disregard the earlier post