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Pixel data from a PVR texture



Is there any way to get pixel data from a PVR texture?
I only see functions like PVRTTextureLoadFromPVR in the SDK, but they do not help.
Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you.


Hi dapumptu,

Using PVRTexLib you can use the “getDataPtr” function to retrieve the pixel data, but currently in our SDK Tools library there is no functionality to do this. We plan to make loading textures more intuitive in future, but for now you would have to load the data in yourself I’m afraid. The easiest thing to do is probably to either copy or modify the tools loading code and get the data pointer that way.



Thanks for the reply, Tobias.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, I would like to do this in iOS.
It seems like PVRTexLib supports only OSes like Windows or MacOS, but not iOS.

So it is impossible to read pixel data from a PVR texture with PowerVR SDK right now in iOS?


Yes I'm afraid this is correct - PVRTexLib is a desktop utility only at present.

The SDK doesn't expose this functionality to developers, but as we supply the source code it is there if you wanted to write your own access methods.

Tobias2012-05-28 09:42:14