PowerVR CLDNN support on PowerVR GX6250 (RcarH3)

I wanted to know if there is support to run CNN inferences on PowerVR GX6250 avaliable in RCar H3? I came across a link which states the PowerVR neural network SDK is only supported on Acer Chromebook R-13 with PowerVR GX6250 GPU (https://www.imgtec.com/developers/neural-network-sdk/). Is this the only supported device?


That is correct. It is up to Renesas whether they support DNN on H3 or not. I think OpenCL is not supported either and it is required for clDNN. The Chromebook is our reference platform so we can supply the drivers for it, but not for Renesas’ platform.
There is one trick that I know that other developers have tried with some success. Take the libraries from the Chromebook and run them on the H3. We do not condone doing this and it will be completely unsupported but you could give it a go.

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