SPIR-V or SPIR OpenCL drivers supported

Is there a SDK or opencl driver which support SPIR/SPIR-V?
As I need to build tensorflow version which run using opencl back-end “https://github.com/codeplaysoftware/tensorflow
It is required to have spir-v supported but I am wondering, I can’t found any thing.

In general I want to run a simple classifier on PowerVR Series 6XT GX6250 and os is customized linux version.
I see that you have released a PowerVR Neural Network SDK but unfortuantley I don’t know how could I use it as you release an image for the Chromebook as it is yours reference platform, and as suggested here “PowerVR CLDNN support on PowerVR GX6250 (RcarH3)
I could take the libraries from the Chromebook and run them on the H3.It will be aprreciated if you could guide me how could I achieve that.

Thanks in advance.


The RCarH3 does not have available OpenCL drivers. We do not recommend using any drivers built for a different platform so we cannot help you here.