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PowerVR engine in extra diractory


Dear Team

do you plan to put back the PowerVR  engine  that was in the extra directory ??
that a pretty good things and very handy to prepare quick demos  
thank alot 


Hi David,

We have no plans to add it back in at this point, but we’ll take your feedback on board. If we get enough requests we’ll consider supporting it again, but currently it’s not something we are going to continue supporting.



It took me about a day to backport the extras/engine folder to the V3.0 SDK, the biggest difference seemed to be how the uniforms were handled.

I do think it was an excellent resource, and would be pleased if it made it back





Just so you know, if you hover over a post you can click “Agree”. This is a good way of letting us know you agree with Willems position. We can then take that in to account when we decide what to do with the old PVREngine.