New SDK 2.3 is now available (and an apology)

Finally we have released our 2.3 SDK and it can be downloaded from POWERVR Insider. I am sorry this has taken so long (the target date was end of August) but we have some infrastructural problems to sort out before the release.

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These are the new things you can find in this new SDK:


Overhaul to PVRTools to enhance its consistency on naming conventions and behavior (application relaying on the old PVRTools will need some modifications to build with this new version).


The OpenGL ES 1.1 Demos & Training Courses have been rewritten to support VBOs and our ‘virtual’ file system. Some new additions like ‘antialiased lines’


PVRUniSCo Editor has now GLSL ES cycle count profile and it supports DX10 shaders.


PVRShaman now fully supports DirectX10 effects using Microsoft Effect files.


The back end of Collada2POD has been rewritten to remove the Collada DOM and now includes partial support for meshes described by polygons.


PVRTexTool has seen a major reworking in the internal texture encoding and decoding system along with the addition of formats for DirectX 10 and OpenVG. Plug-ins are now present for newer versions of Autodesk 3DSMAX and both GUI and command line versions support the Nokia NGAGE2 .NGT format.


OGLES2 PC Emulation libraries (PVRVFrame) have several important enhancements and fixes.


PVRGeoPOD supports now an "export matrices" option (for animation) and it has some fixes.


PVRTune has undergone many changes in this release, including performance optimisations, fixes and new features. (Note that this application requires supports by the drivers not publicly available yet)



Also my apologies for the lack of response to some of the threads in the forum. We are now working to make sure this forum is alive and everybody get answered.


Thanks for your patience.



Hi there,
Just tried the new version and I have troubles running it (I’m using the PC emulator right now): apparently it cannot load any of the POD models that I used to load with the previous version. Is it just me or is there anything worng?
Note that the problem I have is in CPVRTModelPOD::ReadFromFile, which returns false even if the model data seems to be loaded when it ruturns.
I’ll try the S60 version in the meantime.


The PVRTools functions now return an enum defined in Tools/PVRTError.h instead of a bool:


/*! Enum error codes */
enum EPVRTError
     PVR_SUCCESS = 0,
     PVR_FAIL = 1

When using a function you should use a line such as:

// deal with failure

In this case it sounds like the enum being returned is PVR_SUCCESS (=0). This will be interpreted as false in old code and hence the function appears to fail.

Also note that there are changes to the names of functions and the organisation of code in the source files for some of the PVRTools.

That was it. It works fine now. Thanks a lot.


I installed OGLES2_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.03.23.1162.msi.

but Splash screen said “SDK build”.

Why build number does not much SDK package ?

Best Regards,

Yasuhiro Mitsui

Dear Yasuhiro,


The Utilities which are included with our SDK are built at different time than the SDK so the build number will be always different than the one used in the SDK (usually just a few builds behind).


Best regards.




Hi, where to download new SDK? I still have not seen the V2.3 SDK in the webpage, only the FAQ for it?



The SDK is currently available from our web: