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powerVR Noobie qestions regarding POD


I am new to the powerVR tools and I have a lot of questions that seem difficult to find answers to. I’ll refrain downloading my list. But I would be curious if someone could answer this:

1. Animation storage

It seems rare where I would have a single model with just one animation associated with it. More likely would be one model with many animations that would need to be blended. My question is, is it possible to store many animations that can be indexed and blended by the powerVR tools.

I was able to animate a simple cube spinning in Maya. Export it through the POD exporter. I was able to render it with animation just fine.

But suppose I wanted to have two animations. Animation 1 spins it on the x axis. Animation spins it on the z axis. Is this possible in the “stock” POD setup?

Thanks in advance


It is possible to put both animations in the pod file consecutively then, by keeping note of the frame number of the second animation you can switch between them.

At this stage, there is no automatic way of doing this and there would be no blending between the animations other than the consecutive frames in the POD file (i.e. the last frame in the first animation and the first in the second).

This is an issue that has come up before and we have considered adding it for future releases.


Thats what I suspected. Thank you.