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POD and Animation Blending




 I'm planning on using POD file format and associated PoverVR SDK functionality for loading and rendering pod files.
I'd like to be able to perform animation blending between two different animations.
For example, I have 2d character and vehicle in 3Ds max which is exported to .pod format via PVRGeoPod plugin for Max.
Both character and vehicle are animated in several different ways.
My goal is to export all of the animations to same .pod file.
At run time I'd like to be able to not only switch between animations ( eg. from jumping to spinning ), but to do it in a way where transition from one animation is blended to another.
Is it possible to achieve something like this using SPODScene, CPVRTModelPOD and  SPODNode classes, and if so, what would be the best way to do it.

Goran2012-07-13 02:10:55


Hi Goran,

Sorry for the slow response.

We would suggest creating a POD file per-object. The POD file was originally designed so that lights and cameras associated with an object (e.g. headlights and driver’s view, respectfully) could be stored in the same container. For this reason, it would be best to store each object into its own POD container.