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PowerVR POD file format specifications?



Can they be found somewhere?

I would like to make my own loader of the format, but reverse engineering the format from the loader is quite a tedious and error prone task.


There is some information in the PVRGEOPod documentation and in our own loader code in the PVRTools. There isn’t a spec per se.

Is there a particular reason that you’re making your own loader and not using the SDK implementation?


Not terribly good reasons. I want to implement POD loading into my engine, which isnt using the PowerVR SDK. It seems the POD loading code in the SDK has dependencies on other things which I would rather not include in my engine. So my options are adapting the already existing code or make my own from scratch.

It also crossed my mind making a direct exporter for blender in the distant future.


I suppose it depends on how much of the POD functionality you want to use (implementing it all again from scratch doesn’t seem like a good idea) and how much you’re actually bothered by altering and including our code.

If you have specific questions about the code or the format then we can answer them here.