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POWERVR SDK m_Print3D.SetTextures not working for changing font



We are using POWERVR SDK OpenGL ES 2.0 version, and we need to change the font.
We followed blog, but we are not able to use the class m_Print3D.SetTextures as mentioned in the blog, (may be due to version mismatch) .
We are getting error like "error: no matching function for call to 'CPVRTPrint3D::SetTextures(int, const void*, int, int, bool&)"
How can I change font styles in POWERVR SDK OpenGL ES 2.0 ??
Please help.


i am also want to change font.
can any one explain how we can change font type.
i am preferring same doc. but the thing is that i have to handle SetTexture(). in side this function one function is define APIUpLoad4444(0, (unsigned char *)PVRTPrint3DABC_Pixels, 256, 1);. here PVRTPrint3DABC array by default present in PVRTPrint3Ddat.h. if i am giving new font pvr file then also it print by default font. so what actually i want to make change.
please anybody explain as soon as possible.


The 2.5 SDK is very old and is no longer supported by our team. If you are starting a new project, I would recommend moving to the PVRUIRenderer framework in our latest SDK:
If you would prefer to use Print3D, then I would recommend using the 3.5 SDK:

As the 3.5 SDK is much more recent, it will be significantly easier for us to support than v2.5.


Hi Joe,
Thanks for your replay.

We had already done implementation with POWERVR SDK
We need to change the font only is the requirement with the latest SDK updates I think, the remaining requirements is met with the existing SDK itself. So is there any way to integrate the custom font reading functionality with our existing one ? If any such options are there, It will be great helpful to us…


Hi Arun,

Our SDK source code includes Doxygen function descriptions. I would recommend comparing the descriptions to understand how the function changed between the two releases.