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Print3D messes everything up?


Hello all,

2 issues with Print3D


   How come if I put Print3D.Flush() anywhere in my render loop except for the very last line, it seems to mess up my shaders? (ie, my vertices become the wrong color).


   If I print something with Print3D and restart my (Android) app, it shows a rectangle of garbage where the text should be? It works one time, and then never again unless I re-install the app.




We have recently fixed a number of issues with Print3D (mainly regarding the restoration of render states) and these updates will be available in our next SDK which should be released very soon.

Regarding your second problem: this could be the an issue with Android releasing context data when the app is ‘minimised’ and not re-loaded when the app is brought to the foreground. Are you using PVRShell or are you handling the OS yourself? If you’re handling the OS yourself you’ll need to call Print3D.SetTextures() whenever your app is brought to the foreground.