3d text issues

We have an app that allows the user to use a 3d engine at diffent stages of the app. we have 3d text working in the engine and it’s great. we have found an issue with the user leaving the 3d portion and returning at a later time. when the user does this everything but the text is working. I am sure it is an initialization issue but i am not sure what to reset. I am checking that the system is passing setTextures(). this is working just fine. we are just getting the error glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, (VertexCount/2)*3, GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, m_pFacesFont); failed when the user starts the 3d up again. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts it would be appreciated. thanks

Hi Joel,

That error comes from Print3D and it is a false positive. Print3D checks for gl errors and will pickup any error that might have happened anywhere else in the application before it. I would recommend that you to check for errors in every single gl call you do in your application to be able to isolate the real problem.

Best regards.


i appreciate that Carlos. I will look into the other calls.

I finally figured it out this morning so I am throwing this out there for anyone else who may have missed it like I did. So the issue seems to be that there is a makeCopy flag on the setTexture() function. as soon as that was set everything worked.