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Problem with OpenGL ES emulator on linux x86_64


Hi guys!!!
I would start to learning OpenGL ES, developing some applications on my Linux system. In my notebook I’ve a Fedora 9 installation in its 64bit version. I’ve downloaded the OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK, untared the archive and set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to the path where is located. Problems arise when I lunch the builded example: the program starts and, immediatly, exits withot showing no text or graphical output. Any kind of error isn’t shown too. My laptop is a asus x51rl, with an integrated ati x1100 gpu (which I think must be an evolution of the x200). First then write this post, I’ve tryed the opengl es sdk on my windows installation on the same notebook and all examples run without any problem.
Any advice (except a switch to a 32bit system or a laptop change :stuck_out_tongue: ) to keep the sdk working is very appreciated.


P.S.: sorry for my poor english…


Does normal desktop GL 2.0 work on this system? As far as I know the emulation needs GL 2.0 to run on.

Have you checked the GLES return errors? The examples may be wrong, the way they grab the display context may be at fault. I’ve not looked at the examples so can not be sure.


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: I’ve solved the problem simply uninstalling the ati drivers Fedora’s package and reinstalling them from the official installer.