problems with PowerVR SDK

Hello, I installed PowerVR SDK and I am facing many problems using it, so many things don’t seam clear to me, like how to create different files and link them, and the steps to follow to build and execute files .cpp, I need to know how to be shure that my environnement doesn’t lack anything to be able to create and run my own examples, as up to now I can only run binary files from the examples that I found in the sdk.

I 'm working on linux (ubuntu 12.04).

I wish you can help me.

Thank you


The “SDK_3.3SDKUserGuide” directory contains HTML documentation for each target platform that was chosen during installation. This includes instructions to set up your toolchain and build for your target. If you have any questions about these instructions or have encounted errors within them, please let us know.




i am working using the same environnement than you , my IDE is codelite 5.4 , it s running beautifly all SDK samples



Thank you for your responses

Hello, I will be grateful if anyone can show me an example of execution of a file.cpp on linux (used commands and libraries). Thank you

Hello Sir ,

By following the doc for Linux installation, should do it or

export X11ROOT=/usr/bin

make PLATFORM=Linux_x86_32 X11BUILD=1

voila ,