PVR_K:(19)(Error): PMR_ChangeSparseMem means?

we intended to implement LDC algorithm of RCV Picture using OpenGL ES 2.0. I have completing the related process in PC(GPU target is nvidia) environment. But when I porting the code to RCARH3 platform, its os is QNX. we found it would return the error log PVR_K:(19)(Error): PMR_ChangeSparseMem: This type of sparse PMR cannot be changed. [0, ].

Besides, I did some try.

  1. Pick 9 vertex and texture coordinates to render, it could output the correct image.
  2. Input 1760 * 720 vertex and texture coordinates to render, it would fail. I have checked the correctness of vertex and texture coordinates, it is same with the value in PC environment.

Could give me some suggestion or point the pit?


you might be running out of memory with that many vertices. I think you should contact QNX directly about this. If you have any further questions please let us know.


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