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PVRGeoPod exporting redundant vertex data



Hello everyone!

I'm trying to export a POD scene from 3D Studio 2010 using the version of PVRGeoPod that comes with the latest OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK.

My scene is a very simple one. Just two boxes and two bones. Each box has an Skin modifier that associates it with one of the bones.

I'm just exporting vertex position (not normal or UV) and skin data (2 indices and 2 weights). The excene is exported as interleaved indexed triangle lists.

When I load the exported POD file using the SDK, I notice that each box is exported as 12 faces (OK) and 36 vertex (What!!??). This is the worst possible geometry layout. Since I don't export normal data I was expecting to see 12 faces and just 8 vertices. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?



EDIT: Sorry, it seem that I'm not working with the latest SDK... My version is

EDIT 2: I've just installed SDK and upgraded PVRGeoPod with the version that comes in it. Unfortunatelly this has not helpedĀ  :(

frontier2010-03-17 20:36:56