Problem with PVRGeoPOD and Blender

   I have been testing the new POD exporter from the 2.8 SDK with Blender 2.49b and I think I have found a bug.  The problem seems to be that I can only use a single solid color material in the scene.  Whenever I try to use 2 or more solid colored materials (no textures) every object in the scene gets assigned the same material index (0) when it is exported to POD.  If I export the same scene to Collada then use Collada2POD instead, it works correctly.

  This problem is very easy to reproduce.  Simply create a scene with 2 cubes and assign different solid materials to them, then export it with the POD exporter.  Both of the materials are placed into the POD file, but the mesh nodes for both cubes will index the same material.

Thanks for reporting this. We should be releasing a new version of the PVRGeoPOD Blender plugin (for Blender 2.49b) shortly (in the next week or so) and this has several fixes, one of which may clear up this issue.

I have filed this issue as BRN34445, however and we will look into it anyway.