PVRGeoPOD fails to correctly export more than one material


I’ve found a problem in PVRGeoPOD. I exported a model with Cheetah3D in COLLADA format.

This model has two meshes, each mesh has one material with different image file.

When I export with PVRGeoPOD the resulting pod file has the same image file (the first one) for both materials.

Here’s some pictures:



If you share your COLLADA, POD and texture files with us, we can investigate the problem.

It’s worth noting that while we support COLLADA to POD conversion in PVRGeoPOD, our implementation is only tested against the OpenCOLLADA exporter for 3D Studio Max. We’ve found that the quality of COLLADA files exported from different modelling applications can vary.

If you do not want to link to the files on our public forum, you can attach them to a confidential support ticket:https://pvrsupport.imgtec.com/new-ticket



Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately there isn’t a Cheetah3d plugin :frowning:

Here’s my COLLADA file: tree.zip

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your COLLADA scene. I’ll pass it to the PVRGeoPOD lead engineer for investigation.


Great! :smiley: