any known issue in latest version ?

I have spent whole day for 3ds max export to pod file, but it is pity , no perfect export.

my application is:

3ds max 2012

OpenCOLLADA export plugin

PVRGeoPOD plugin

Collada2POD conveter


test 3d model:

03 Ik-joe (Spline IK).max (this is 3d max sample model)

method 1: export 3d model to .dae file and then use Collada2POD to convert into .pod

method 2: export 3d model .pod with PVRGeoPOD directly

I have tried different option when I converted but always has some issues in PVRShaman perform it. Also, the same 3d model but different outcome between method 1 and method 2

I want to know what's thing should be considered when we are building 3d model with 3ds max and export to .pod ? any issues are known ?


The reason the PVRGeoPOD plug-in is failing to export the scenes correctly is that they are both using the 'Physique' modifier which isn't supported by the exporter. To export skinned models correctly the skinning needs to be done using the 'Skin' modifier. As for Collada2POD the success of it exporting skinning animation can vary greatly depending on the exporter used for creating the DAE file.
If you're building 3D models in Max then it is worth checking the PVRGeoPOD documentation to see what features aren't supported.