pvrshaman coordinate system

Dear Team

i never understood why PVRShaman flip the coordinate system when you export from 3ds max, we can argue that it s consistent in a way the coordinate system DISPLAY in PVRSHAMAN , but i think it s not fair that if i put Z up in my authoring system 3ds max i want just to see it Z up in my PVRShaman.

i dont need to do transformation matrix because i have business need that oblige me to have z up…strange but it s a customer , user need.

Nvidia Gamework does it very well :slight_smile: by the way , so as big fan of PVRTOOLS i wish the same. :))

kind regards


Hi David,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve filed BRN47968 in our tracker for user-specified axis orientation options to be added.



that is the news of the day for me