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Bug Report: PVRGeoPOD_2.04.24.0838



   I found a bug when using PVRGeoPOD_2.04.24.0838 plugin for 3ds max 2009, it’s about the Coordinate system, here is the problem:
   When i export the pod, if i choose “Coordinate system” as “DirectX”, everything is ok, i mean, X-Right, Y-Up, Z-In to screen, and the origin of model is the same as in max’s;
   but if i choose “OpenGL” to export the pod, the coodinate system is wrong, the center of model is changed…
   i don’t know where to find the older PVRGeoPOD exporter, so i am not sure if this is a new bug…
   I would like to send my test model to you, please tell me the email~~



I’ve put my email reply here for others’ reference:

The coordinate systems and hence the orientations of the POD models exported by PVRGeoPOD are more convention than anything else. For instance, it’s perfectly reasonable to use whichever direction along whichever axis as up in GL or DX, but in our experience there is a usual way of designating this for each API (and certainly a way we usually use) and the options we provide try to reflect this. However, as a result viewing two PODs exported with these different settings using the same code is going to make them appear differently to one and other. This also happens if you view your PODs in PVRShaman (or view the same POD file in PVRShaman’s DX mode and GL mode).

If you can get your models to display correctly using one particular coordinate system flag then I suggest using this setting throughout your project and not to worry too much about what is “correct” as there is no hard and fast rule.