PVRStudio (linux x64) Debuggers Could not determine debugger type

I want to debug a Plain C Application in PVRStudio (x64 linux), but when I click the button Run Debugger, PVRStudio show a dialog:
Could Not Run
Unknown debugger type “No engine”
Unable to create a debugger engine of the type “No engine”

I think the problem is related to debugger, so I change debuggers PATH to /home/user/Imagination_Technologies/PowerVR_Graphics/PowerVR_Tools/PVRStudio/external/X86_64/GDB8-X86_64/bin/gdb, but it shows error message:Could not determine debugger type

From the screenshot, the Debuggers Type is Not recognized, so my gdb path is wrong.

What is the correct path of Debuggers, so I can use Run Debugger in PVRStudio.

problem screenshot


I just tested a fresh installation of PVRStudio on Ubuntu 20.4 and it shows GDB in the list of auto-detected debuggers. If I point to PVRStudio/external/X86_64/GDB8-X86_64/bin/gdb by hand (like you did above) it is properly detected and it is added to the “manual” without any problem.
Which Linux distribution are you using? Did you start PVRStudio from bin/pvrstudio.sh?



My linux distribution is ubuntu 18.04.6.
I start PVRStudio by command./pvrstudio.sh.

I also have a ubuntu 20.04.1 environment, I installed PVRStudioSetup-2021_R2.run-x64 into this pc, the debuggers is auto detected, maybe I should use PVRStudio in ubuntu20.

But when I debug Plain C Application in ubuntu20.04, It has another error:

Here is the CmakeError.log

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I think it is a reproduce error because I tried other Plain C Application.


Yes, you are right, I’ve just replicated this problem and the built-in projects are not working on Ubuntu giving an error when verifying the compiler. We will have a look to see which is the problem and I’ll get back to you.



Just a bit of an update. We will be releasing shortly an updated version with this issue fixed. We only managed to replicated this issue on one Linux system but this new version works fine after testing it on this system.

Best regards.