PVRTC data size question

Hi, I was wondering why when you call the getDataSize function in the PVRTexLib API, the data size for most textures is exactly 25% higher than you would expect for a texture of that size, even for uncompressed non-PVRTC formats. Is there a way I can get the raw pixel data, and the correct size out of this library without writing the object to disk?


Robert Marr

One mipmap would be an extra 25%…is that it?

Yes, I certainly could be misinterpreting the input value - putting 1 where there should be a zero.  I’ll try it tomorrow, thanks!

Putting 1 in for the MIP-map level count would certainly have the result suggested. The value for MIP-map level is designed to reflect the convention in OpenGL.

If you have further problems please post again.

This was indeed the problem.  User error.  :-  The sizes are now correct.  Now I just need to figure out why my textures look like bad wallpaper.