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pvrtc.lib random crash


Hi Andrew,

Ah, that’s a shame. Could you send me a stack output from pvrtc_test when it crashes for you? It might not help much, but even just the stack depth could help me locate the issue.




Sure. Here is the call stack:

>     pvrtc_test.exe!_util_endian_swap_16() + 0x1bf2 bytes     C

     pvrtc_test.exe!_paletteWithFlagsFromModVals() + 0x1dd1 bytes     C

     pvrtc_test.exe!_paletteWithFlagsFromModVals() + 0x22bf bytes     C

     pvrtc_test.exe!_paletteWithFlagsFromModVals() + 0x2674 bytes     C

     pvrtc_test.exe!_paletteWithFlagsFromModVals() + 0x3494 bytes     C

     pvrtc_test.exe!_paletteWithFlagsFromModVals() + 0x3bf5 bytes     C


     [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for kernel32.dll]     





Just to mention for anyone else reading this, this has now been resolved. As our next release is not too far it is unlikely that we will do a re-release of the texture tools/libraries at this point unless there is any further demand, however if you do require the libraries as you are experiencing this crash, please contact and we should be able to send you a fixed version.