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PVRTC2 decompression on Windows




Is PVRTC Version 2 decompression supported by PVRTDecompressPVRTC (SDK_3.3_R2Tools PVRTDecompress.cpp)?

The api works perfectly fine with PVRTC Version 1 compressed images (both 2 & 4 bpp). However, it seems to have some problem with PVRTC2 (both 2 & 4 bpp).

Any suggestions/help is appreciated. :slight_smile:




Hi Aniketh,

Apologies that this post hasn’t been answered yet. I’m not familiar with that particular part of our tools. Skimming through the code and the check in messages for it though, I suspect it’s PVRTC 1 decompression only.

The engineer responsible for this code is out of office this week. Once he’s back, I will ask him to follow up with you.




Hi Aniketh,

As Joe suspected, this function does not handle PVRTC2 decompression, only PVRTC1 is supported. We currently have no public PVRTC2 decompression code.




You can use the PvrTexLib to decompress PVRTC2. You can make use of the pvrtexture::Transcode function provided by the lib. See page 44 of the PVRTexTool.User Manual.pdf.