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Decompressed image looks ugly.



Some images are decompressed and is not in expected format.

Kindly help me regarding the same.

Wrong Decompressed screenshot:

Right Decompressed screenshot :

Thanks in advance.


I had this kind of problem occur only with PVRs encoded using Photoshop plugin …


While compressing, i used the PVR TexTool, and it looks fine in PVR view tool and also in my target system, but i, myself wrotea view tool and used PVR lib to decompress and those screenshots where the output frm it… some are ugly… :frowning: and some or really grt…:slight_smile:


What’s the actual code you’ve used to decompress the PVRs and what dimensions, format are they? Do they have MIPmaps encoded with them? Are you doing this on a 64bit platform?


Hello Gordon,

Thank you for your reply and sorry for the delayed info.

Options Used:
PVRTexTool -fOGLPVRTC4 -m -yflip1 -x256 -y256 -i${IMAGE_NAME} -o${NEW_NAME}

Code Used:

CPVRTexture CompressedTexture(rfrTexture.pu8Data); // pu8Data contains PVR file content
CPVRTexture DeCompressedTexture;
// now i assume i got the raw image and process further to get it displayed…

It is working for some pvr images, very accurately and for some images, as we discussed earlier… :frowning:

Thanks in Advance…