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I have been trying to encode some of my texture tools using pvrtextool. all of them are in png format. some of them got encoded but the others encountered errors saying " The current texture has incompatible dimensions for the chosen pixel type and cannot be encoded."

can anyone tell me what are the compatible dimensions of the images that can be encoded into pvrtc format.


Hi manubr,

The PVRTC compressor in PVRTexTool will only compress images that are in power of two dimensions, though not necessarily square. For example, 512x512 is valid, as is 128x1024. The maximum size that it will encode is 2048x2048.

If you’re using the GUI version of textool you can bring up the pre-process dialog with Ctrl+P, which has an option to make your texture power of two automatically. The command line version has a similar command for square textures (-square), but for rectangular textures you will need to use -x and -y to manually set the size.

Hope this helps!