Texture size limit for PVRTexTool.exe?

I’m attempting to compress a 32 bit tga with dimensions of 2048x2048 into OGLPVRTC2, using the following command line:

PVRTexTool.exe -fOGLPVRTC2 -i"texture.tga"

Using XP SP2, and the newest PVRTexTool (, either with the GUI or command line versions, I get the following errors in sequence:

"pvrtextool encountered an unknown error"


"Could no encode image:

PVRTC compressor invoked with unknown mode"

I’ve read the user manual, and there is no mention of a texture size limit.

Have I missed something, or is this a restriction/bug?

On Windows there is a limit to 1024x1024 pixels for PVRTC compressed textures which is why PVRTexTool is failing. The 2bpp version of the compressor also has some known issues which we’re investigating at the moment.

PVRTexTool is supposed to output a better message than this and these problems should be better documented so I’ve filed an issue in our tracking system (BRN28234).

The limitation isn’t present on MacOS and Linux systems so if you access to one of these then thi smay be more successful.

We are currently working on removing this problem and improving the PVRTC compressor/decompressor in general.