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PVRTexLib DXTDecompress error?



I compress the texture to DXT5 format by unity3d, then get the raw dxt5 data.
I decompress the raw data to RGBA8888 by PVRTexlib's Transcode(), but get the image with many RGBA(0,0,0,255) chuck
I use PVRTexToolGUI 4.00 and 3.31 get the same wrong result, but I use PVRTexToolGUI 3.33 get the right image.

dnasdw2012-11-06 06:38:30


Hi Dnasdw,

This is a known issue and should be fixed in the next update of the tool, which should hopefully be in the next week or so. For reference, PVRTexLib can compress the data correctly, it’s just decompression which is unfortunately an issue at the moment. If for some reason this is a blocking issue for you, email and we may be able to provide an engineering drop.



Thank you.
I'm waiting for the next update,haha.