Wrong color with PVRTextool

Hello everyone,
i’m new with PVRTexTool. I just want to test the quality of image for compression , so i drag the image to PVRTexTool GUI, i did not touch anything but the color of image changed, it’s darker, you can see my attachment,

Any help would be appriciated

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Hi TruongPham,

In the case you’re using PVRTexTool v4.24, it is true is displaying the textures as too dark in its viewer, but that is an aesthetic issue in the viewer only, the values are actually correct and will render correctly when the textures are used in real applications.

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Thanks for your reply,
you said the values are not changed. but when i try to run PVRTextTool command line and compress texture, and then using this texture in unity, i saw the color same as in PVRTextTool Viewer(darker), it’s not original
i tried with PVRTC, and PVRTC2, same result


What version of PVRTexTool are you currently using?

If It’s not the latest available could please download the latest version from here and try to reproduce the issue again. If you still encounter the problem let me know.

Thank you.

Hello @omarzohdi, thanks for your reply, i’m using the lastest version of PVRTexTool

Hello everyone,
i have just tried the older version of PVRTextTool, this bug does not happen, seem everything work fine,

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Hey bro,thanks for your topic, you saved my ass !!!

The bug is still there. 4.24.0 the build 20.1@5740574

Hi Anton,

The issue has been already fixed internally. I can handle you an internal build through our support webpage (https://pvrsupport.imgtec.com), you just need to do a quick registration and ask for it.

Best regards,

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